Tuesday, 28 August 2018

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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

ASB Get Wise Lesson

What did we learn from the Get Wise Lessons?

We learned about:
- the difference between the EFTPOS card and the credit card (An EFTPOS card has your money, the credit card has the bank's money).
- doing chores to earn money
- STOP THE WHEELS, LOOK FOR GOOD DEALS (save money on specials).
- spending some money but saving some too.

Friday, 29 June 2018

Hip Hop Off

To show the skills we had learned from Jess for hip hop, we had a hip hop off afternoon where a group of students from all the classes showed off their skills.

Rayshaw, Sefo, Lolo, Sapapalii, Grace, Mya and Helen represented our class.

We have some talented dancers at our school!

Ruapotaka Powhiri

Powhiri is a process of welcoming visitors to the marae.  We had a powhiri at our school where the students and the prefects were the host and the teachers were the visitors.

The prefects talked about our school values, Mr Reid spoke for the visitors and then we did the hongi.  It was a great way to end our Maori Culture inquiry learning unit.

How to Bend Water?

How can we bend water without using magic?  In room 6, we did it, we bent running water!

First, we blew up a balloon and put it very close to the running water but nothing happened!  Then the magic started to happen ( not really a magic),when we rubbed the balloon on our hair which made it static!  It raised our hair and and stuck to Juniah's hair!  We then took our charged balloon back to the running water, the water bent, just like magic!

Kids Safe with Dogs

Keira, Kai and their owner Laura visited us at our school.  Keira and Kai came to teach us how to act around dogs, especially the ones we don't know.

Rules to keep safe from a dog:

1. Always ask the owner first if you want to pat the dog.
2. Touch the dog on its back, not the head.
3. Stand like a tree- if the dog runs up to you, stop and stay still, wrap your branches (hold your elbows), keep quiet and stare at your roots (look at the floor).

If a dog is a working dog; like a blind dog or a police dog, don't touch them!!

Keep dog safe.

Show and Tell

As part of our oral language, we have been bringing something to talk about or have thought of an interesting topic we could speak on.

We have seen fluffy toys, dolls, snow globes and heard about birthday parties.  The audience had to listen carefully to the speakers so they could ask questions.